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Whatever it is the classic round pacifier and BIBS de Lux or the symmetrical pacifier, BIBS supreme, BIBS is designed to be used by children and make them feel safe.

Therefore, it is not surprising that BIBS pacifiers are among children´s absolute favorites. The classic round latex pacifier from BIBS is our most sold pacifier and it is recommended by maternity hotels and chiropractors throughout the country.

We are experiencing an increasing interest in our handling of Bibs pacifiers and the various options we offer at the shop.

Bibs pacifiers has a nipple made of natural rubber, a material with a limited durability. Light and heat effects will harm it and it has a more raw surface which makes it easier for dirt and dust to stick to it.

To maintain durability on natural rubber pacifiers Dummyshop has taken actions that make sure that the child´s pacifier has been stored optimally and gently from arrival to our warehouse until they reach our customers. Now Bibs pacifiers are also sold individually.

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